University students and other non-student participants are invited to join!

Student registration fee is $10. Non-student early registration is $90 (increases to $125 after March 28!).




NCHICA is a nonprofit consortium of over 300 organizations representing the many sectors of the healthcare industry. Our mission is to assist NCHICA members in accelerating the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system through the effective use of information technology, informatics and analytics. NCHICA leads demonstration projects, hosts educational events, fosters collaborative efforts, and supports initiatives that promote the use of standards-based IT in healthcare. More at

Technology for Aging in Place

by Laurie M. Orlov

Moving from niche market to the way things should work. In January, 2011, the first baby boomers began turning 65. Surprise — marketers noticed. One day you look around a pharmacy like CVS and the store has better lighting and more chairs. Then Amazon launches a website that leads with adult diapers. Oops. Make that Active & Healthy Living. AARP introduced the RealPad in 2014, arguably on the late side, as consumer tablets go and have gone. The organization’s Health Innovation@50+ team has estimated the opportunity for 100 million people aged 50+ to be $2.7 trillion and dubbed the related businesses as the Longevity Network.

Read the entire whitepaper here.


The eHealth Challenge

Students, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and patient advocates will compete to create transformative solutions that coordinate resources and enable caregivers of elderly patients/family members.

Teams will be judged on their proof-of-concept data mashups that prioritize options for caregivers based on patient data, targeted community resources, geographical data and technological innovations (wearables, social platforms, crowdsourcing, etc).

The prize winning pitch will improve the quality of life of caregivers and promote patient care through the use of healthcare data, community resources and emerging coordination frameworks.

Dementia Caregiver Support Designathon

Challenge: Develop a proof-of-concept personalized caregiver assistance utility

Location: Quintiles, Durham

Date: April 11&12, 2015

Registration: Up to 100 attendees
Students $10
Health Professionals $90 (before March 28)